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.:: About Us ::.

« If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant:
If we did not sometimes taste of adversity,
prosperity would not be so welcome

by Anne Bradstreet, Anglo-American Poet (1612-1676)

First French investment bank dedicated to life sciences and healthcare company financing, Aurgalys assists private or listed companies during capital increase, provides equity research or valuation services, takes care of investor relations and assists the management for their strategy and business development.

1. Aurgalys Philosophy


Scientists we are, entrepreneurs we are. We have founded Aurgalys because, as entrepreneurs/chief executives in the life science industry, we understand the difficulties to have a clear strategical or operational vision of what the company has to do within a fluctuant market or governance.

2. We are Expert in


Corporate finance, through venture funding of your privately owned company, through initial public offering within the Euronext market, trough secondary funding, your company being already listed.

Company valuation (equity research) and investor relations of your to-be or already listed company;

Company strategy and finances, to give your shareholders better value for money.

3. We believe in


Ethical behavior, it is essential to creating and maintaining a healthy, fair and just environment of value and benefit to all. Our conduct as a company, and as individuals within it, will always reflect the highest standards of integrity. We will demonstrate open, honest and ethical behavior in all dealings with customers, clients, colleagues, suppliers, and partners.

4. We trust in


Innovation, we look for ways to make our products and our services more useful to our customers, and our business practices, processes and systems more efficient and effective.

Human & share of experience, we build relationships with others throughout the company to share ideas, provide support, and help assure that the best practices prevail.


5. We want


Success, we step forward to achieve difficult goals.

Team work, we utilize the particular talents of every individual and resolve conflict by helping others to focus on common goals.