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.:: Aurgalys News Flow ::.

Aurgalys Biotech News Flow is a tool that we designed for the monitoring of Biotech/Medtech values. We selected 12 companies listed on Euronext, which have news events in the coming months that we believe significant. By taking into account the intrinsic elements of each company (strengths and weaknesses), but also scientific and clinical results previously obtained on the drug candidates under development, Aurgalys Value’s analysts have established an index reflecting their confidence in a particular stock.

This index is valid for a 3-month period, and Aurgalys Value plans to update this index on a quarterly basis, to account for the progress that each company may have made. The selection of the 12 companies may be modified depending on their respective news flow.

NB: This document is published for information purposes only, and reflects the opinion of Aurgalys Value’s analysts. This opinion is formulated on the basis of public information published by companies, for which Aurgalys cannot be held responsible. Therefore, investors will have to conduct their own risk analysis for their investment decision.


You can find below our quaterly Biotech/Medtech News Flow publication: