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Implanet is a French company specializing in the design, development and commercialization of implantable medical devices for orthopedic surgery. In this high-tech therapeutic area, the company offers a comprehensive range of innovative implants for spine and knee surgery, including the JAZZ band implants, the lead products that could drive the company’s growth in the near future. Implants of the JAZZ family can improve surgical procedures in terms of efficacy and safety, reduce the duration of surgery, and also reduce surgery costs. Developing and marketing innovative technologies are necessary to differentiate oneself from competitors in a highly competitive orthopedics market. The JAZZ implant could simultaneously satisfy several important stakeholders in the value chain of the industry: patients, medical personnel, hospitals, insurers and healthcare authorities. Implanet markets its product directly in France and the US, where the company has been focusing its marketing efforts, and created the JAZZ Academy, to accelerate the adoption of the JAZZ technology among spine surgeons.

The coverage was initiated July 12th, 2016

Our target price for Implanet as of Oct 30th, 2017, is €1.40/ share.

From Oct 30th, 2017, Aurgalys analyst reports on Implanet will be published in English and French

A partir du 30 octobre 2017, les rapports d’analyse d’Aurgalys sur Implanet seront publiés en Français et en Anglais