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May 18th, 2015: Aurgalys initiates OSE Pharma analyst coverage and assists the company with its investor relations

mai 20, 2015

Paris-Evry, France, May 18th, 2015 – Aurgalys announces that we have been chosen by OSE Pharma to initiate coverage of their company, listed on Euronext Paris (OSE). Aurgalys will also manage OSE Pharma’s investor relations.

OSE Pharma is a French biopharma company, recently listed on Euronext Paris (March 30th, 2015), which develops immunotherapy products against invasive/metastatic late-stage cancers. Its Memopi® technology triggers the immune system to eliminate cancer cells. OSE Pharma’s lead product, Tedopi®, is a patented combination of 10 peptides selected and optimized from 5 tumor antigens, often present in invasive late-stage cancers. Tedopi® has been successfully tested in a phase 2 study in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and a phase 3 study should be launched during the second half of 2015.

Aurgalys is planning to publish the first analysis of OSE Pharma by mid-June 2015. This study will address the potential and the valuation of the company, and would be available to all the financial community.

In addition, we are going to set up regular meetings allowing the financial community to directly meet the management of OSE Pharma and discuss their strategy, projects, and future milestones of the company.

“With almost 20 IPOs in the life sciences and healthcare sector since 2014, structuring a company’s investor relations is essential to create and maintain interest within the financial community. OSE Pharma’s decision to choose our services is evidence of our expertise in building an ongoing liaison between existing or prospective shareholders, and issuers” says Dr Mickael Dubourd, Head of Investor Relations/ Equity Research at Aurgalys.

You can download our press releases in English and French on the following links:

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