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.:: Quantum Genomics [ALQGC] ::.

Quantum Genomics is a French-based company dedicated to the development of drugs for cardiovascular diseases. With its Phase IIb (NEW-HOPE) trial in the United States, which is in line with its previous phase IIa trial and preclinical results, Quantum Genomics targets a somewhat neglected hypertensive population. This trial should confirm the evidence of efficacy of the drug in hypertensive patients, known to be resistant to standard treatments. This trial will therefore be determinant for the future of QGC001 in this indication.

The coverage was initiated November 4th, 2014

Our target price for Quantum Genomics as of Apr. 24th, 2018, is €9,02/ share

From Feb. 16th, 2018, Aurgalys analyst reports on Quantum Genomics will be published in English and French

A partir du 16 février 2018, les rapports d’analyse d’Aurgalys sur Quantum Genomics seront publiés en Français et en Anglais