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Vexim is a medical device company developing innovative implants (SpineJack) for Vertebra Compression Fractures (VCF). VCF may lead to numerous adverse events such as a change in the spine curvature, intense or chronic pain, daily disability and significant decrease in quality of life. Osteoporosis is the main cause for VCF, representing 60% of the cases. As the elderly population steadily increases, especially in developed countries, the total cost of VCF would become a major healthcare concern.

SpineJack performs better than its competitors in terms of vertebra repair, spine balance, pain reduction and patient’s quality of life. SpineJack can  recover 96% of the central vertebral height, a better performance compared to other existing technologies (data from Vexim). Vexim also published the results of a one-year follow up of patients receiving SpineJack compared to other treatment solutions. It showed that the average pain reduction for SpineJack was 82% compared to 67%-68% with other medical devices.

H1-2014 revenues were up 93.5% to €4.9M. We value Vexim at €85.4 million.